Winter 2018 President’s Message

Sunset Community Association Board 2017-2018

President’s Message

Respected Vancouver Sunset Community,

I hope you all had a great summer! Firstly, I would like to welcome our new Recreation Facility Clerk, Alisha Paxton-Judge, and MACC Programmer, Oliver McTavish-Wisdon.
They both bring many years of experiences to Sunset. Also, many thanks to Beatriz Becerra, Acting Recreation Facilty Clerk, for supporting the front office over the last 5 months.

As most of you know the former site of the Sunset Community Centre, known as the “Sunset Green Space and Park”, is now under construction to renew the playground, open space for play, walkways, water fountains, picnic shelter with covered seating and benches, fenced dog park and new pathway to link the park to Sunset Community Centre, is expected to be completed by Spring 2018.

You will be very happy to learn that Park Board Commissioners have approved (Oct 23rd) the use of land at Sunset Park adjacent to Sunset Community Centre for construction of a new South Vancouver Senior Centre. This is a welcoming addition of services to our community.

In reference to the Joint Operating Agreement, your Association requested Park Board and staff for direct negotiations back in October 2016. We will do our best and continue to negotiate in good faith to maintain that an effective system in place, so that we are able to continue to provide excellent programs and services. We hope that all our members come to be heard and valued as we have managed this community centre as a whole community, and have built and jointly operated for over six decades.

Your Sunset Community Association and Centre Staff have been very busy last year with various projects which continue in 2018:

• 2017 Spring break camp was intended for 30 children, but we accommodated the community demands and had over 60 registered each week.
• Strong partnership with Vancouver school’s Community School Teams, Vancouver CHILL Foundation and South Vancouver Neighbourhood House.
• Providing work experience opportunities and volunteer work for youth and young adults with development challenges (in partnership with the VSB and various agencies).

Respectfully submitted,

Bhalwinder Singh Waraich
President, Sunset Community Centre