2020 has been a strange and devastating year, in our community, in Canada and in the world. At the Sunset Community Centre, for the first time ever, we have had to close our doors for a health emergency and to cancel one entire season of programs (last spring) and most of the next (summer).

We are still working out how the programs we have offered in the past can fit within the new provincial health guidelines. Some can adapt, such as our wonderful child care programs which opened again in September and our fitness rooms which will reopen in October. Some others, unfortunately, pose greater challenges (such as large gatherings, from meetings to birthday parties).

As a result, this Fall 2020 program brochure is a slim one. We nevertheless hope you and your family will find some programs of interest. And we hope to see you again soon at Sunset.

The most important positive news recently is that building the long-planned Sunset Community Seniors’ Centre is moving closer. The City of Vancouver will soon be submitting an application for provincial and federal funding for the Centre. Assuming all three levels of government agree on its importance to our community and can make it a priority, we will soon be able to begin planning in detail for the facility we need and want. The Sunset Community Association invites you to take part in this process and help build our future.

Don Munton
President, Sunset Community Association