What a winter to start 2017! It truly makes a Vancouverite look forward to summer. Preparations have already begun for our best yet Canada Day celebration. Sunset enjoys a proud history of bringing our community together in the name of our great country.

Please mark your calendar for July 1, 2017 to see your neighbours, our history of 150 years and better yet – give your passion to helping plan. Contact a board member or Programmer if you would like to help make it the best party yet.

We are welcoming new board members as our volunteer board sees long standing members of the community move to pursue other passions. Your voice matters. Please let know if you are interested in giving your time to a monthly committee, project (short term) committee or to join the Board.

The rejuvenated joint operating agreement process continues. Sunset continues to operate status quo and prioritize the needs of our dynamic community.

The Association appreciates the efforts of our volunteers and staff as well as our partner Park Board staff members. This wonderful group came together on a Saturday night in January to get to know each other better and show gratitude for our team at a year end gathering that had 50 people enjoy the fares at local restaurant The Main.

As always, I encourage you to find a new interest in these pages and get out to enjoy our community.

Best regards,
Greg Hubbard