Respected Sunset Community,

As the days grow longer, we hope to see more people getting out enjoying the sunshine in our parks and becoming active at Sunset Community Centre and Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre.

We are always happy to hear how our Community enjoys the programs and events that we sponsor on your behalf – and such is the case with our Breakfast with Santa and Family Day Event. We hope you will join us for our Annual Easter Event and continue to support our live music in our lobby, performed by local Youth and professional musicians.

Looking forward to summer; SCA Canada Day Celebration planning has already begun, if you would like to volunteer or sponsor our Event, please contact a Board Member or Programmer.

We are always looking for valued members in our Community to share their ideas, energy and expertise. If you wold like to join our Board or one of our volunteer committees, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our next Annual General Meeting will take place on April 18th at 7pm, everyone is welcome and we hope to see you there!

I would like to thank our staff and hard working group of volunteers for their time and dedication to provide a safe space to our Community, where we all feel welcome to play, create and succeed in our own way.

Respectfully Submitted,
Bhalwinder Waraich
SCA President