Gentle Yoga

These classes are suitable for most ages and ability levels.Postures are then held for longer periods of time to strengthen and condition the body as we develop concentration and inner awareness.class is dedicated to lying relaxation.  Drop-in $12.
Mon    Jan 9-Mar 20    4:45 PM-5:40 PM
REGISTER $95.2/10 sessions

Basic Training

Make the most of your morning! This 60 minute class will focus on functional fitness so you can stay independent as you age.
Tu    Jan 10-Mar 21    9:15 AM-10:15 AM
REGISTER $31.50/9 sessions
Fri    Jan 13-Mar 24    9:15AM -10:15 AM

REGISTER $35/10 sessions


Pilates participants will learn the fundamentals of Pilates which promotes strength and stability while lengthening the muscles and supporting the spine. Drop in $16.
Thu    Jan 26-Feb 23    6:00 PM-7:00 PM
REGISTER $72/5 sessions


An innovative and upbeat mix to feel like you’ve earned the rest of your weekend: postural work to stand tall, cardio to increase energy, and strength work to feel powerful. The “plus” part of class is that kettlebell options are sometimes provided within class, but only once you know how to at least perform a swing safely – if they’re not for you, no problem, other people will also be enjoying different non-kettlebell moves during those parts of class.
Sat    Jan 28-Mar 11    9:05 AM-10:00 AM
REGISTER $126/6 sessions