OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe used to lived at 48th and 55th/Main from 2004 to 2010. My children went to John Henderson Elementary then to John Oliver Secondary School. We have lots of fun in the area especially at the community centers where they spent countless hours of after school and Saturday classes mostly especially on Holidays. When the plan of building a new community was on the process, I slowly took photos of the old and new building. Then I put these photos on a collage style. And the rest was history.

It was beautiful to see the place at the start and I still take pictures whenever I have a chance to come and visit or attend events. I am grateful to see people from all walks of life making history and make this place home turn into Multicultural Society.

I was an immigrant now a Canadian Citizen who enjoy my dream come true for myself and especially for my children building their future as first generation of my family to be born in Canada. Thank you for reading this message.

Story and photos submitted by Grace L. Cuenca