Drop-in Fitness Schedule

Life is busy. If you can’t commit to a weekly program, we’d still like to see you in class! Our drop-in classes are also the perfect opportunity to change up your fitness routine or try a class before registering for the full program. Grab a friend, and arrive early – before the class fills up!

April 1-June 29, 2019

Class Descriptions

Cardio Core – Athletic hi-low aerobic patterns and basic anaerobic intervals will challenge your cardiovascular system! Suitable for all levels as options to challenge your fitness and coordination will be provided throughout. Develop and strengthen your abdominal and back muscles with extended core training.

Step Plus – An energetic and exhilarating patterned step class with cardio, resistance and weight training, and core work. End the class with floor work and cool down stretches.

Zumba Gold – A low-impact dance-fitness class for beginners and older adults that uses the zesty Latin music with easy to follow moves to create a dynamic and fun fitness class. Classes strive to improve our balance, strength, flexibility and most importantly, the heart.

Hi- Lo Combo – Hi-Lo Impact is designed to increase heart rate and improve oxygenation throughout the body. This class combines traditional, low-impact aerobics movements with higher impact strength-training movements to create a comprehensive fitness routine that supports heart health and weight loss.