The Fitness Centre is open.

Thank you all for your patience! Our Fitness Centre has been a top priority for us during this difficult time. We are excited to share the new and improved space with you all.

Ongoing to June 30

July and August


Fitness Programs

Fitness Consultations
30 minute fitness orientation is provided FREE with Fitness Centre. Admission (either $3.75/drop-in or with Fitness Centre pass). Great if you are new to the fitness centre or require some additional advice on working out. Please call 604-718-6505 to make an appointment.

We currently don’t do consultations anymore.


Fitness Centre Orientations

Fitness Attendants are always on site during Fitness centre Hours. New users will be subject to a 5 minute orientation upon arrival, first time users may request an initial orientation/consultation by emailing This includes a tour of the fitness centre as well as a description of machines & usage.