Our Vision is a healthy community where diverse cultures thrive, and where everyone belongs and feels welcome to play,
create and succeed in their own way.

President’s Message

Dear Respectful Vancouver South/Sunset Community,

I would like to wish you all Happy Canada Day! Celebrating the 150+ anniversary of Canada, also known as 150th anniversary of Confederation, like every year, we had a very successful, colourful, and full of festivity Canada Day celebration on July 1st at your Sunset Community Centre hosted by your Sunset Community Association. Many thanks to you, Vancouver Park Board, Sunset Community Association (SCA) staff, volunteers and board members for making this a huge success.

Please join me in welcoming our new SCA volunteer board members Maninder Gill, James MacDonald, Lorraine Wong, Tony Birak, Priti Gandhi and Keona Wiley. And big thanks to Barb Womersley, Phil Daum, Hardeep Sahota, Dr. Kala Singh and Tony Wong for their time and dedication to the SCA for their many years of service to this community. Wish them all the best as they move on to pursue other passions.

As we all know, the demand for facilities to serve seniors continues to increase as the population ages and surveys indicate that the South Vancouver/Sunset area is currently underserved for this demographic. Research shows that older adults who participate in senior centre programs can learn to manage and delay the onset of chronic disease and experience measurable improvements in their physical, social, spiritual, emotional, mental and economic well-being. Senior centres serve as a gateway to the nation’s aging network by connecting older adults to vital community service that can help them stay healthy and independent. I am very happy to share with you that City of Vancouver, with the support of your SCA, are exploring options for a possible new senior centre at Sunset Community Centre/South Vancouver.

I am very happy to share the good news with you that Sunset Park green space upgrades have been approved and construction is anticipated to begin August of this year. Thanks to everyone for participating in public consultation, especially Cindy, Barb and Keona from the SCA.

This year’s summer day camps for our children and youth have expanded, and Moberly Arts Cultural Centre’s art camp have extended later in to the summer to serve more families who require summer camp programs. I encourage you all to join one of our fall programs and enjoy your community centre.

I would like to thank our brave firefighters and selfless volunteers for their dedications and hard work in helping out our friends and family affected by BC wildfires. Our prayers and thoughts are with them.

Best Regards
Bhalwinder S. Waraich
President, Sunset Community Association