Sunset Community Complex is a unique cluster of buildings that serve many purposes.

The complex houses 3 facilities, the Sunset Community Centre, Sunset Ice Rink and the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre which are jointly operated by the Sunset Community Association and the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation. We have everything you need to indulge in arts, recreation, sports, leisure and cultural activities.

We accommodate everything from birthday parties and baby showers to meetings and friends getting together for some late night basketball. Please explore the photos of our spaces or contact our friendly staff to give you a tour of our facilities to find the right space for your needs.

Please see below for room photos and specs. For fees,guidelines and FAQ’s, click here

Please call at 604-718-8269 for more information or email us at

117 Hall

Dimensions: 58’x29′ =  1,682 Square feet
Maximum Capacity: 130 people, 120 people with tables and chairs.
Commonly used for: Birthday parties, baby showers, large gatherings
Included equipment: Tables and chairs

  • 130 chairs
  • 15 Round 5′ tables
  • 3 Round 4′ tables
  • 11 Rectangular 6’x2.5′ tables
  • 5 Folding 8’x2.5′ tables
  • 2 Folding 12’x2.5′ tables


106 Arts & Crafts Room

Dimensions: 28’x18′ =  504 Square Feet
Maximum Capacity: 30 people
Commonly used for: Meetings, arts, birthdays
Included equipment: 30 Chairs and 4 tables available


105 Gymnasium
(only available for sports)

Dimensions: 107’x72′ =  7,704 Square Feet
Maximum Capacity: 986 people
Commonly used for: Ball Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton
Included equipment: Only nets and posts provided. All other equipment must be brought in by the rental group.


104 Multipurpose Room

Dimensions: 26’x25′ =  650 Square Feet
Maximum Capacity: 40 people
Commonly used for: Meetings, birthday parties, baby showers
Included equipment: 10 tables and 40 chairs


Sunset Ice Rink

View available time slots and submit rental requests online at

Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre (for arts and cultural activities)

For rental information on Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre, please visit the website

If you are ready to book or have any further inquiries, please contact the Moberly staff at 604-718-6513.