Hi Neighbour!-Take the Survey


What is Your Dream for this Community?

United Way is working on an exciting new “Hi Neighbour” initiative in the Sunset community focusing on our organization’s new mission:

To serve the needs of your local community and to ignite the desire in everyone to improve the community we call home.

We are here to listen

For a community to be great, it needs to be great for everyone. We know that far too many people are feeling vulnerable and isolated without a strong network of neighbours for connection and support. We believe that carrying out acts of local love – even something as simple as bringing a meal to a sick neighbour –  gets us one step closer to building strong, supportive communities of which we can be proud.

But community members must own the solutions. We are in Sunset to listen, to find out what matters to folks in the neighbourhood, the challenges you face and the projects you are passionate about. We are here to work collaboratively with the community to identify initiatives that will help address your needs because we know that everyone has something unique to bring to the table, and that community members are the experts in your own experience.

Have an idea? Want to collaborate? Get in touch at sunset@uwlm.ca


The Survey

As part of our commitment to Local Love, we’re changing our approach to community building with new initiatives like Hi Neighbour, which help people make a difference in their communities in ways that are important to YOU. So, we want to hear about your experiences in your community. That’s what this survey is all about!

It’s quick – 15 minutes tops. And everyone who completes it will be entered into a draw to win a $50 gift certificate to Madras Spice Restaurant.

When we say Sunset we’re referring roughly to anywhere between Knight and Ontario, and 41st and the Fraser River. And don’t worry, we will also distribute a paper survey in the area with other language options including Punjabi. (coming soon)