Sunset Community Association AGM-April 19

Sunset Community Association ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING & COMMUNITY GARDEN PLANNING Thursday, April 19, 2018 at 7:00 pm at Sunset Community Centre (6510 Main Street, Vancouver) (Garden Planning starts at approx. 8:00 pm) Kids, Parents, Grandparents: All are welcome to join us and give input on the new community garden. Bring your ideas, desires, dreams, and wishes and we will work together to create a vision for our garden. Through this brainstorming session, we will generate how we want the garden to look, how we plan to get there, and what we want it to become in our community.

Sunset Community Association Annual General Meeting

Thursday April 19, 2018


We want you to VOLUNTEER for the Board!


Strong communities rely on their own resources, and Sunset is a strong and evolving neighbourhood with ever-changing needs.
By becoming a Board Member, you can channel your ideas and energy to help identify and meet the needs of local residents and contribute towards building a stronger community.

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