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January 15, 2021 in Facilities, Fitness, Programs, youth by KristiinaAdmin

Introducing solo fitness centre room bookings!

This entire room can be your personal gym for the hour!

Room 1 includes the following equipment:

– Adjustable Benches
– Smith Machine – Cage
– Assisted Dip Machine
– Dual Adjustable Pulley(s)
– Treadmills – Elliptical- Pec Fly Machine
– Lat Pull Down Machine
– Seated Leg Press
– Seated Leg Curl
– Seated Crunch
– Seated Row/Rear Delt Machine
– Shoulder Press Machine
– Chest Press Machine
– Plates (5 LBS-45 LBS)
– Dumbbells (5 LBS-70 LBS)

This entire room can be your personal gym for the hour!

Room 2 includes the following equipment:

-Medicine &Kettle Balls
– Fitness Mats
– Ab Roller
– Upright Bicycles
– Elliptical
– Row Machine
– Decline Bench
– Adjustable Bench
– Stair Master
– Recumbent Bike
– Lateral Helix Machine
– Jr. Olympic Bar
– EZ Curl Bars-
– Weighted Plates (2.5 LBS-10 LBS)
– Dumbbells (3 LBS-20 LBS)

Enjoy our new fitness centre improvements in a safe and socially distanced manner.

Pick your time slot below and then book online

Come enjoy a workout session at our newly designed and expanded Fitness Centre! Visit our Fitness Centre for a 1-hour session. You can book online or by phone. The layout of the Fitness Centre is updated to allow for physical distancing requirements, while still being able to select from a great variety of exercise equipment. We offer cardio equipment, strength equipment, free weights, and more.  The capacity of our Fitness Centre has have been lowered and cleaning standards enhanced to provide everyone with a safe and clean environment. We identified all high-touch points and these will be cleaned between each session.  Saturdays & Sundays $4.29/session BOOK YOUR WORKOUT TODAY!

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