Check out our latest line-up of  programs that are designed to get you out, active, learning and having fun in a rewarding community setting. Meet new friends, explore a new hobby or learn a new skill.

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ActivAge 1 Functional Fitness/Adaptable Skills

ActivAge is a 3-month group led physical activity program for older adults to introduce participants to the benefits of physical activity and reinforce their commitment to incorporate it into their daily lives. ActivAge is led by BCRPA registered Fitness Leaders with the Older Adult specialty. There are two ActivAge options that run concurrently. Option 1: The focus in on functional fitness and adaptable skills. Option 2: Incorporates fitness, sport and a wider variety of activities.Each option runs once a week for one hour over 12 sessions. The unique aspect of this program is that alongside physical activity specifically tailored for older adults, ActivAge also encourages social interactions and overall health.
Thu Sep 21-Dec 7 12:00 PM-1:00 PM

Choose to Move

Choose to Move is a FREE 3-month program for older adults who are inactive and wishing to become more active. Choose to Move is not a fitness class or movement class. It is a motivational coaching program where you will meet with an Activity Coach and other participants to discuss ways to incorporate more physical activity into your life. Participants MUST attend the Info Session to be eligible for the full program.
Thu Sep 7-Dec 7 1:30 PM-2:30 PM

Iyengar Yoga

Are you keen to improve your flexibility, strength and awareness of your body? Then this class is for you. The Iyengar method focuses on alignment, mobility, longer holds and moving your body with precision and mindfulness. Iyengar yoga uses many props such as belts, bricks, chairs and bolsters making poses accessible to all body shapes, sizes and capabilities. Iyengar yoga is designed to take beginners through a series of movements building towards more advanced poses. It is thus perfect for those with stiff bodies, who can’t sit on the floor or aren’t keen on energetic workout classes.Christine has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and discovered the benefits of Iyengar yoga following multiple injuries. Drop in permitted if space is available.
Thu Sep 21-Oct 26, 6:00-7:00 PM

Midweek Energizer

Energy flagging as the week advances? Get back your “get up and go.” Bring up your heart rate safely via dynamic movements and lighter resistance, followed by a soothing stretch for a restful sleep. No session October 4. Drop-in $24.
Wed Sep 13-Oct 25 6:30 PM-7:25 PM
473883 $126.19/6 sessions