Drop-in Fitness Schedule April 3-June 29

Life is busy. If you can’t commit to a weekly program, we’d still like to see you in class! Our drop-in classes are also the perfect opportunity to change up your fitness routine or try a class before registering for the full program. Grab a friend, and arrive early – before the class fills up!

(No session Apr 14 & May 21.)

Fees: $45/10-tickets$5.50/drop-in)


Class Descriptions

Dance Fitness – Moderate to advance class. It starts in a fitness dance calorie-burning workout to a strength training using weights, bands & mat. It is a total body cardio & strength workout to improve your cardio health and your muscular strength.

Step Plus – An energetic and exhilarating patterned step class with cardio, resistance and weight training, and core work. End the class with floor work and cool down stretches.

Total Body Strengthening – Low to moderate impact class designed to improve functional strength, balance and coordination, posture, range of motion and flexibility. Geared towards participants who want to develop or to maintain muscular bone and joint health. There will be a 15-20 minutes Warm-up & Cardio workout followed by weights, bands and mat works.

Zumba Cardio – It starts in a low-intensity fitness dance into a high intensity workout dance party. It is a full body workout including cardio, strength training and core conditioning. We use music that progressively moves your body to get a great cardio workout. A body toning exercise with weights/core strengthening on a mat will improve your muscular strength, range of motion and flexibility.