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In 1945, the people of Sunset had a vision to build a new community centre. They started by forming a Community Association with the task of creating a new recreation facility in South Vancouver. How could the association raise another $100,000.00 when it took two years to raise $25,000.00? The community needed to do something big.

Stan Thomas, President of the Sunset Association in 1947, was sent to Hollywood California to convince Bing Crosby to stage his radio show in Vancouver as a benefit for the construction of Sunset Community Centre.

Bing Crosby was the most famous celebrity of his time selling #1 records, starring in popular Hollywood movies and he had the most listened to radio program in North America.

Imagine Stan Thomas stepping into his car one rainy October morning to ask this internation superstar to come to Vancouver for a benefit fundraiser.

What do you think Bing’s response was? Yes!

On September 21, 1948 the Bing Crosby Radio Show came to Vancouver and over $26,000.00 was raised in one performance. Following the program, the City of Vancouver contributed the remaining amount and Sunset Community Centre was built.

The people of Sunset are a people with a vision. They take risks and they acheive their goals.

Today, Sunset Community Centre is over 50 years old and and has just been replaced in 2007, with a new structure 2 blocks east on the Park Board’s Nursery lands along Main Street between 51st and 53rd Avenues.

Download publication on the history of Sunset Community Centre

 On November 15th, 2004 the Park Board approved the proposal for construction of our new community centre. The Federal and Provincial Government have made funding commitments of $2 million each and the balance of funds will come from the Municipal Government.

The new 30,000 square foot facility will be built on Main Street. Bing Thom Architects presented the design for the new Sunset Community Centre which will be built to LEED standards to ensure energy efficiency. The design features an expanded gymnasium, fitness centre, assembly room and other program spaces.

For the latest Press Release from the Vancouver Park Board click here.

President’s Message, Summer 2018

  President’s Message, Summer 2018 To the respected Vancouver Sunset Community, I hope you all are enjoying your summer. With the conclusion of this year’s Sunset Community Association (SCA) AGM held on April 19th 2018, I would like to with great pleasure welcome the following elected board members to the 2018/19 SCA Board: Ailin Flann,
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Canada Day Community Celebration Sponsorship Opportunity

The Sunset Canada Day Committee is seeking community sponsors and support for our 2018 event. All sponsors are recognized in our season program guide, website, social media and promotional material for 6-9 months, and also at the Canada Day event and on the main stage. For more information on how to get involved, please email
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Sunset Community Association AGM-April 19

Sunset Community Association Annual General Meeting Thursday April 19, 2018 7:00-9:00pm We want you to VOLUNTEER for the Board!   Strong communities rely on their own resources, and Sunset is a strong and evolving neighbourhood with ever-changing needs. By becoming a Board Member, you can channel your ideas and energy to help identify and meet
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SCA Spring President’s Message 2018

President’s Message Respected Vancouver Sunset Community, What a winter to end! Looking forward to summer; SCA Canada day celebration planning has already begun, please mark your calendar for July 1st (Sunday) 2018, if you would like to volunteer or sponsor a Canada Day event please contact a Board member or a Programmer. Your voice matters
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Winter 2018 President’s Message

President’s Message Respected Vancouver Sunset Community, I hope you all had a great summer! Firstly, I would like to welcome our new Recreation Facility Clerk, Alisha Paxton-Judge, and MACC Programmer, Oliver McTavish-Wisdon. They both bring many years of experiences to Sunset. Also, many thanks to Beatriz Becerra, Acting Recreation Facilty Clerk, for supporting the front
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